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Using COUNTIFS in the New Google Sheets (February 2014)

Today I tried to convert a spreadsheet to the new version of Google Sheets that’s supposed to be faster and better. As I was copying over formulas, I decided to try out a new formula that Google had rolled out in this new version of sheets. It’s called COUNTIFS and it allows you do conditional counting based on mulitple sets of criteria.

Previously, I had used the following formula to help build an easily copy-pasted set of cells for tracking users at a public computer lab. I wanted to check if a certain column had an entry in it, and count it if it was in a row with a certain date. The formula read:

=COUNTA( IFERROR( FILTER(N5:N300 ; SEARCH( E6 ; H5:H616 ) ) ) )

Using COUNTIFS, I was able to update it to a pleasant-looking:

=COUNTIFS(H5:H300, E6, N5:N300, "\*")

Which basically says, moving backwards,: count if there’s anything (this is the variable \*), in the N column IF in that row the value of H (a series of dates in my example) column is E6, the date we’re building Daily Total For.

This isn’t news for Excel experts, but might come in handy for those (like me) who are not.